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We all have a story in us:
I can help you bring yours to life. 

 Screenwriting Tutor 

 - For Short Films 

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I will teach you the fundamentals of being a Screenwriter, through the writing of your short film. 


Who am I?

  • A professional screenwriter

  • Script consultant, with excellent reviews.

  • Executive Producer at the Script Department.

  • Masters Tutor at Falmouth University


Based on you, this course will use the context of your idea to teach you the fundamentals of screenwriting, meaning you will come out with the first draft of your short film!  


We will touch on the following: 

  • Formatting

  • Tone

  • Genre

  • Characterisation

  • Dialogue 

  • Structure

  • Technique

  • Much more!

How Does it Work? 

    1. You send me what you have: an idea, an outline, a first draft.   

    2. I will go through it and identify the main areas you need to work on. 


    3. I will put together a plan for several 1:1 sessions (depending on the package you select) and you will approve it. These sessions will include advice from me, but also recommended sources for your own study, 

   4. We begin! 

Using your idea as a foothold, we will explore the above in 1:1 web sessions. 


If you are new to this world, I can help prepare you with all the basics you need to thrive.


You already have your film in your head, I can help you transfer it to paper. 


Something for everyone!

Package 1 - Basic


You provide your initial screenplay draft. I will teach you over 2 sessions based on this.

Package 2 - Standard


You provide an idea/outline, and we will go through how to write it as a screenplay over 3 sessions.

Package 3 - Premium


Come with an idea, and over 6 sessions, I will use it to teach you the Screenwriting fundamentals.

ALL - You leave the course with an improved, or new screenplay that you have written! 

         You leave with a greater grasp of the fundamentals of writing a short film.

         You leave with transferable skills to create more amazing stories!


To ensure quality, I can only take on a certain number of students at any time. If I can't take you on now, I will add you to my list and you will be next as soon as I have an opening. 

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