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Welcome! I'm Marcus, and I'm here to help. 

What do I do?

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 Script Consultant 

Let's take your story to the next level. Bring me your idea, treatment or script, and I will provide detailed notes via script report and on page notes.

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 Actor (Screen, Stage and Voice) 

Acting was my first love, and my first adventure into the industry. In every role I play, I put character first, mixed with my technical experience and training. Click to see what I can do!

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 Screenwriting Tutor 

I am a Tutor with the Screenwriting MA at Falmouth University. You can get 1:1 tutoring from me, with a goal to developing your first draft. 

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Writing for film and TV is a wonderful joy, and the story comes first. I can bring yours to life. You bring the idea, and with your guidance I will write your film

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Who am I?

​I am a Screenwriter and Actor in the world of theatre and film, as well as a Tutor at Falmouth University and Executive Producer at  The Script Department. 

​Putting your project together is tough, so whether you need a killer voice over or some help with your characterisation, you have come to the right place. 

​Writing problems? No worries, I can offer comprehensive script coverage in the form of a script report, on page notes and a face-to-face session for extra support. For more details, have a look at the breakdown above. 

Got a great idea but you’ve never written before? Awesome! I can guide you through the writing process in a series of 1:1 tutorials to get you to your first draft. Check out the breakdown in the tutoring section above!

Looking for a screenwriter? I’m your guy! Check out my portfolio above for some examples of my writing, and head over to The Script Department to see more of my work with them!

Or maybe you need an Actor? My bearded face and deep English voice are at your disposal, be it for stage, film or audio. Voice and Film reels are above!

Scroll down to see my testimonials from customers and colleagues, and my services section above for more details on what I can do for you!

Or drop me a message. Use the contact button, email me direct or go to the chat box in the corner.

We all have a story in us: it is time for yours.

Marcus Armstrong

Above and beyond expectations

Bingo Podcast



The Script Department is a scripted podcast where each episode is a reading of a short screenplay from our screenwriting community. Supported by atmospheric sound and cinematic music, we aim to create an experience that falls somewhere between listening to an audiobook and watching a movie.

Here, I am a Screenwriter, Voice Actor and Executive Producer. 

Follow the links to our podcast, and watch out for my name!